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⋅ Black Mage: Maple Alliance Gift Pack (v.200 Black Mage Registration Event 31 October – 12 November 2018) Untradeable: Irenaroid: 9: 10: Does not speak (no voiceover) ⋅ Friendsroid Box – unannounced reward from the Sweet Maple Ice Cream Pop event in May 2016: Untradeable: Eckhartroid: 9: 10: Does not speak (no voiceover)

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19-06-2021· Delivery Simulator Codes – Full List. Get cash to buy anything in the game thanks to these redeemable codes. Valid & Active Codes. 100likes – Redeem this code to get 7,000 cash or money (New); LikeGoal9 – Redeem this code to get 7,000 cash or money; 70Likes – Redeem this code to get 6,000 cash or money; 55Likes – Redeem this code to get 6,000 cash or money

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Hello everyone, It was recently brought to my attention that I had not considered that Zero weapon's were non-flame advantaged. Before I even had time to code a fix, u/Sethyboy0 from my discord server was able to implement a hotfix by building off of my publicly listed code. So for all you Zeros out there, and everyone else who is crazy enough to want to try to flame a non-flame advantaged ...

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02-07-2013· In addition, there will be Gift Boxes displayed throughout each town. If you click on these boxes, you will be given various rewards. The box will disappear after you click it, but a new one will appear in its place after a short time. Rewards: 8th Anniversary Maple Leaf x4; 8th Anniversary Gift Box – has a chance of giving the following:

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Bean Box Cold Brew. Artisan iced coffee to enjoy at home, all day long. ★★★★★. Get it by Jun 29. $22-$42. [image of Good Morning Gift Box] Good Morning Gift Box. If breakfast in bed were a gift…

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17-12-2020· KMS ver. 1.2.341 – MapleStory NEO: Signal! The first patch of the winter update, MapleStory NEO, has been released! Titled Signal, this patch contains the new level 260 area Cernium as well as various growth changes and the level cap increased to level 300!

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FREE Gift Coupon Codes are posted to our Facebook wall and Twitter stream. (or use Google Site Search) Log In. 0 Items $0.00: Related Items. Gaming > MapleStory > MapleStory: OMG Bosses! Booster Box MapleStory iTrading Card Game [iTCG]: OMG Bosses! Booster Box This item is not currently available. Send me an email when this item is back in stock.

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Christmas Gift Box: A huge X-mas Gift Box big enough to fit a grownup. It has a message that reads, "I am here for you." Recovers 50 HP and MP every 10 seconds. Furnace Chair: Sit on this chair to feel the warmth from the furnace. Recovers 40 HP and 20 MP every 10 seconds. Red-Hat Moon Bunny Cushion

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01-12-2015· Reaching major level milestones (Lv.30, Lv.60, Lv.90, Lv.120, and Lv.150) on your account will grant you gift boxes containing useful items and lots and lots of mesos! You may obtain the box with multiple characters, but only one character on your account can open the gift box …

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Date Added Rewards Expired EU NA SEA ; 9 Jun 2021 : 10k Mora, 3x Monstadt Hashbrown, 10x Adventurer's Experience, 5x Fine Enhancement Ore, 3x Northen Smoked Chicken

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10-12-2019· Maplestory | How to get Taotie Pet. As part of Hoyoung 's debut into Maplestory, players can currently receive a free Taotie Pet by redeeming the coupon code: Unsealme2gaingreatpowers in the cash shop from Maplestory's twitter code puzzle.

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09-06-2020· Frozen Secondary Weapon Box: Untradeable, 7-day duration. Open to receive: Frozen Secondary Weapon: Untradeable. Req. Lv: 100. Stats will vary based upon your job. Lv. 150: Reach Lv. 150 on your Adele character to receive the following rewards: Root Abyss Set Box (Time-Restricted): Untradeable, 7-day duration.

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08-10-2018· Hello, this is LittleLamb bringing you a GMS BiS Table and Progression Guide for Normal Server. The basis of this guide is to see how boned you are in the grand scheme of things if you decide to be a whale, and how hopeless it is to get these BiS gears if you decide not to. The guide will be divided up into sections explained in the main guide.

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Codes Codes are little gifts that the developers sometimes give out that are redeemable for EXP, Coins, Gems or sometimes towers, skins and emotes. On rare occasions, towers and emotes may be later moved to the store (like the Russian emote and John tower, now the Militant tower). Most codes can only be redeemed for a limited time, but some (like the Hunter tower) are available for extended ...

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(2 days ago) EXP x2 Coupon (15min) (x3), New Year's Blessing Cash Effect: EXP x2 Coupon (15min) (x3) 2: Cow Mask + Cow Costume: Pendant of the Spirit (7 day) 3: Wish Gift: Wish Gift: 4: Wonky the Fairy's Hair Selection Coupon: Special Medal of Honor: 5: Eternal Rebirth Flame (x2) Pollo and Fritto Entry Ticket: 6: Wish Gift: Wish Gift: 7: Share the Joy

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Where do I get the Heroes of Bossing Box? I'm on my LVL 170 Shadower account on Reboot and I'm just wondering where the box is? I have a LVL 120 Aran also if that matters in any way.

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23-06-2021· Browse the official forums and chat with other MapleStory players here.

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In MapleStory there are 5 Professions, Herbalism, Mining, Smithing, Accessory Crafting, and Alchemy. In Reboot you can and should learn them all as they usually require each other to do things. Go to Ardentmill and talk to everyone on the bottom floor. Herbalism allows you to Harvest those flowers and Herbs that you see on your maps sometimes.

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27-08-2019· The Gift Box can be obtained once per account in a 24-hour period every day. If you obtain and open each Gift Box every day from Monday to Saturday, then on Sunday - in addition to Sunday's reward - you can select another gift. You can select one from all of the items that were given out from Monday to Saturday. You must have obtained each ...

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26-08-2020· Reboot Level Up Gift Box [1011] Guilds [101 3] Gear Progression [101 4] Important Prequests [101 5] Endgame [101 6] 5 th Job [101 7] Arcane River [101 8] Nodes/ V Matrix …

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Final: MapleStory Leveling Guide Reboot Reboot Level Up Gift Box 1012 -If you plan on making a meso farmer, save the box for your meso farmer, and use all the epot/upot scrolls for making your meso gear as it'll save you a bit of hassle tiering up and using the upot. Maplestory …


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Each section will be designated a code that will enable you to find that section more easily. using the Ctrl+F feature. Contents (Use Ctrl+F to find the sections you need) 1. Introduction [1001] 2. New Classes [1002] 3. Potentials [1003]

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