Our custom made box turkey calls

jeff white custom calls - Checkered short boxes

turkey box calls. Available checkered short boxes. Paypal, check or money order. Call pictured is the call you will receive. Also taking orders for calls. There will atleast a two week waiting period. No money due till call is finished. . Feel free to give me a call @ 304-377-5805.

Custom Turkey Box Calls – JLF Custom Calls

Looking for the best turkey box call? JLF Custom Calls crafts superior one of a kind turkey box calls. We hand carve each our quality turkey box calls from a single block of wood with minimal use of modern equipment to ensure realistic sound. Make your hunts more successful with our turkey box calls.

Welcome to Reynolds Custom Calls

Reynold's Custom Calls is a small, quality not quantity based family business. Calls are crafted one at a time by hand in the tradition of true custom calls. Each call is hand tuned to insure the best turkey possible. We guarantee the craftsmanship of each call for …

Bill Baublit Custom Box Calls

I have hunted and studied Wild Turkeys for 38 years and spent 12 years making custom Turkey Calls. I make Box Calls, Pot Calls, Tube Calls, Scratch Boxes and Tree Yelpers. One of my featured Calls is my FRYING PAN COPPER Pot. Ease of use and 'Fantastic' raspy sound. make it a favorite of Turkey Hunters regardless of skill level or hunting experience.

Hand Made Turkey Calls - Persimmon Hill Calls

02-06-2012· Approximately 12 inches long and made out of premium domestic or exotic woods. You tell me what wood to use and I'll custom make it for you. This particular one is butternut and cherry. It's a great sounding call with good tone and rollover. Similar calls made by …

Olin's Custom Calls - Home

I was introduced to Turkey Hunting in 1980 by an ole time turkey hunter and good friend, Mr. J.T. Brock. After hearing an old Tom's Thundering gobble on a crisp spring morning, I was hooked. A few years later, my wife gave me a Radial Arm Saw for Christmas. So, I decided to make my own box call to hunt with.

Dan's Custom Longbox Turkey Calls

I'm Dan Wittenberg, a custom turkey box call maker in Spokane, Washington. Take a look around the site. I have pictures of the calls I make, audio and video clips, pictures and stories of successful hunts, calling instruction, other products that may be of interest, and a place for you to order the call that I hope will become your new favorite turkey call.

Turkey Calls - Box Calls - David Halloran Turkey Calls

Now: $115.00. Checkered Short Box - Purple Heart & Cedar - David Halloran Turkey Calls. Toggle menu. Search. ×. Search Keyword: Shop All. Turkey Calls.

E.T. Custom Turkey Calls - Home

E.T. Custom Turkey Calls. Welcome to the home of E.T. Custom Turkey Calls, Award winning calls hand built by me, Ed Terefencko. All of my calls are hand built one at a time in my small shop here in Pottsville, Pa, and I take great pride in offering you one of the finest hand made box calls …

Custom Turkey Calls by Tom Teasers

4. Custom Turkey Calls by Tom Teasers. Welcome to Tom Teasers, your online source for the best hand made diaphragm mouth calls, pot calls, and box turkey calls you can find. The craftsmanship of our turkey calls is truly unique, as our product developer takes extra care with each of our calls to ensure that every product goes above and beyond ...

Dad's Custom Box Calls - Home

Dad's Custom Box Calls - Premium handcrafted turkey calls made with the best raw materials. × HOME ABOUT DAD'S FAVORITE LONGBOX CALLS STRIKERS GLASS & SLATE PEG & SLATE BOX CALL SPRINGS CONTACT

Swope Mountain Calls - Custom Turkey Calls

12-09-2014· I was introduced to turkey hunting several years ago and became hooked immediately. After discovering most of the calls used in this sport were made mostly of wood, it was a natural progression for me to try my hand at making a few. After making my first box call and hearing what sounded like an "Ole Hen", I was forever changed. I then decided I


Hand Made Turkey Calls - Friction Calls, Box Calls, and Mouth Calls. Can be custom ordered, or shop from our current selection. Also, Grunt Calls and more!

Box Calls

These calls have won numerous awards over the years at the National Wild Turkey Federation callmakers' competition; held yearly in conjunction with their National Convention. Although my box calls are carefully handcrafted using native and exotic hardwoods, I build each call to be taken to the turkey woods and used as a precision hunting tool.

E.T. Custom Turkey Calls - Home

E.T. Custom Turkey Calls. Welcome to the home of E.T. Custom Turkey Calls, Award winning calls hand built by me, Ed Terefencko. All of my calls are hand built one at a time in my small shop here in Pottsville, Pa, and I take great pride in offering you one of the finest hand made box calls available. Take a few minutes to look around the site.

Handmade Custom Turkey Calls - SS Custom Calls

Award winning turkey calls, by Al Shoemaker and Josh Shoemaker. We offer Hand Made Custom Turkey Calls, Including Box Calls and several other styles of Turkey Calls. Our calls are made by hand, one at a time, here in our little shop in Lebanon, Va. We take pride in producing some of the best Custom Turkey Calls you can buy. Each call is made from the best woods available, and hand tuned to …

Home - Blackbeard's Custom Calls

The finest, handcrafted turkey calls made from both domestic and exotic woods. Box Calls Friction Calls Mouth Calls. ..

Gobbler Down Custom Calls - Best Turkey Calls

Custom made turkey calls, built by dedicated turkey hunters for dedicated turkey hunters. We are not the typical call company. We are not interested in mass producing turkey calls. We value the quality and craftsmanship of each call that travels from our hands to your vest.

Home - Hardy's Custom Calls | Hand Crafted wild game ...

Hardy's calls are made for hunters by hunters with quality in each and every one of our products. Therefore our calls are of high quality, which produce consistent, real straight turkey talk. Today's market is flooded with mass produced calls, in which most are not even made in the USA.

Magnolia Game Calls - Home

My calls are designed and made to mimic the voice and vocabulary of the Wild Turkey. My calls are proven year end and year out in the swamps, hills, mountains, valleys, forest of this great country by the Greatest Judge of all "The Wild Turkey." Each call carries a Satisfaction Guarantee and are proudly made in the USA.

No Bull Custom Calls (Powered by CubeCart)

I have been hunting over 25 years and the Wild Turkey is my passion. I began crafting Box Calls because I wanted the ultimate challenge of calling in a Wild Turkey with a call that I had crafted. Each call is handcrafted one at a time to ensure the best possible tone. All of my calls are made …

Turkey Calls - Ace Basin Custom Calls - Custom made …

Turkey Calls Custom Made for Turkey Hunters. Custom made Turkey Calls from the South Carolina Lowcountry. Recommend us and receive 20% your next order! ... Box Calls. $60 and up. #thehentalker. A variety of woods to include Mineral and Yellow Poplar, Black Walnut, Cherry and Cedar.

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