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You can obtain gift boxes in one of two ways: Buy a NC card from a retailer (Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, GameStop, etc). Boxes will be given to you upon card redemption. Buy NC Gift Box Capsules (commonly abbreviated GBCs). Opening these mystery capsules will give you between 1-4 gift boxes.

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Mar 19, 2014· The NC Gift Boxes guarantee you at least one mystery box, but you have the chance of receiving more than that! Here is the current list of Neopets Gift Boxes that have been released in the past: 3rd Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Altador Cup Sling Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Autumn Leaf Gift Box Mystery Capsule.

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Or, if you still want to trade for your items, you can buy Neopets gift boxes from us via Gift Box Capsules (GBCs). NeopointsDeals is committed to helping you purchase Neocash Items, and making sure that our customers get the rarest, cheapest, and overall best NC items possible.

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Mar 23, 2021· Gift boxes are non-tradeable NC items typically obtained from redeeming Neocash Cards or from purchasing Gift Box Mystery Capsules (GBCs) when they are available in the Mall. You can also play the Trudy's Surprise daily for a chance to win a free NC Basic Gift Box! Gift boxes are one-use only items, and you can only send one NC item per gift box.

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Receive a free virtual item and Gift Box(es) when you redeem; Receive free 150 NC with every $25 card; Neocash Cards can still be used; All cards can be redeemed on various sites including petpetpark.com and monkeyquest.com; Can't find the cards?

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Note: We typically add false inflation alerts on any items that have jumped 300% or more in price compared to our current listed price. We typically only do this for items costing >100,000 NP, or buyable items that have gone unbuyable. For example, an item that goes from 500 NP …

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The only "currency" so to speak is gift boxes, which you can get in several ways: from site events like Trudy's Surprise, from a GBC (see next section), or from redeeming a Neocash card. In order to send a Neocash item to someone, you need to put it in a gift box. You will receive a Neomail receipt both when somebody sends you a gift box, and ...

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Special - This is the official type for this item on Neopets. Notes. This item can be obtained by redeeming a NC Cash Card. You get 2 Basic Gift Boxes for a $10 Card, 3 Boxes for a $15 Card, and 5 Boxes for a $25 Card. You can also obtain this item from Trudy's Surprise.

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Grams are more than just pretty scrolls. You can use them to send a friend a special gift. Each gram has own unique set of neocash items you can gift to another account. This means that although you can only gift one item with each gram, each type of gram has the option of 4-7 different items that you can choose from. Grams look a bit like gift ...

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In the drop-down menu here, you are able to pick the Neofriends you wish to send your item to (no gift box needed!). You do not need to just pick from the list of your current Neofriends (which is what the drop-down menu will show you). You can also type or paste a username into the box directly below.

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And after confirming, you'll get your shiny new/old re-released Neocash items! Other Capsules. In addition to capsules that re-release retired shop items, there are two other types of mystery capsules: Gift Box Mystery Capsules. Typically, a gift box mystery capsule is released towards the end of the month and is on sale for a limited amount of ...

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Unfortunately you can't send gift boxes :( The only way to get gift boxes to someone is by sending them a GBC. level 2. ... I never thought restocking on Neopets would prepare me for attempting to get the ps5. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.


About Community. Techos are one of the many species of pets you can take care of Neopets. This subreddit is dedicated to this gecko-like species. Feel free to post your Techo customizations, fanart, or anything Techo related here. 29.

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Released on July 22, 2010. This capsule will award one or more items with a total value of at least 200 NC, between one and four Basic Gift Boxes, and a chance at receiving the following limited edition gift box: 3rd Birthday Gift Box. Altador Cup Scroll Gift Box …

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Apr 24, 2008· Users on accounts that were 49 months or older (4+ years) were given access to this special NC Mall shop, where you can purchase items such as the Neopets Circle Background. Unlike other NC items, those from the Boutique (even free ones, such as the Elite NC Mall Third Birthday Goodie Bag ) cannot be gifted/traded through the use of Gift Boxes.

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Neopets Neocash Card with 2,000 NC + 4 Gift Boxes + 1 NC exclusive item.

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Dec 03, 2020· If the ticket system isn't working properly, you can also contact Neopets through Facebook. Card Redemption Information. There are currently 9 denominations of NickCash/Neocash Cards: United States and Canada. Redeeming a $10 card will grant your account 1,000 NC + 2 Basic Gift Boxes + an exclusive NC prize item.

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Items in the gift shop cost anywhere from one to four donation receipts (aka donating one to four times). When you select an NC item worth four receipts, you will also receive a Basic Gift Box in addition to the item. 2014. You'll have the option to Adopt a Neopian and give them a set list of items. After activating the "quest", you'll need to ...

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The daily gives away free Basic Gift Boxes every once in a while, but I'm surprised you have 20 (unless you log on specifically for Trudy and never check your inventory in over a month or two). They're not worth much because you can't sell them, but if you end up with any NC items, they can …

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To get your second spin, you need to refresh the page after your first spin. PRIZES. The wheel costs 100,000np per spin, and you can spin the wheel once a day. Because you are spending so much more to spin this wheel, the prizes are that much better! Like the other wheels, there is also a fantastic avatar that you can win, but make sure you budget!

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Gift Shop. Oh my, dearie, you deserve a big hug and a mug of hot cocoa for having such a warm heart! But I know Neopians nowadays like to have a few more options, so I've gathered up some treats for you to choose from. Depending on the number of donation receipts you're holding, you can …

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Yes, you can use NC Gift Boxes to send Neocash item gifts to any Neopets user whose account is not frozen or suspended. However, only users with access to the NC Mall can redeem Neocash Cards and get NC Gift Boxes. I received a Neocash item gift from another user, but I can't read the instructions in the Item Transfer Log. ...

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Nov 25, 2008· Basic Gift Box. r500. NeoCash. You can use this Gift Box to give a Neocash items to another Neopets user as a gift. To decorate this Gift Box with special wrapping, go to the new Gift Wrap shop in the NC Mall.

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Dec 26, 2012· I have a question. I bought 1000 NC using my credit card expecting to get 2 free gift boxes but didn't. I later realized they were only free if I redeemed a Neocash Card. But a Neocash Card isn't available for sale in my country. So, I was wondering if there was some other online site where I can...

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