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Modular Buddy Box furniture makes your van all kinds of ...

BuddyBox modules are similar in spirit to camper-in-a-box conversions like the SwissRoomBox, kits, Yatoo and QUQUQ, as well as modular camping systems used by van converters like Terra Camper.

Camping Boxes | Camper Van Conversion - Shop | Reimo …

Camping box for VW Bulli, T5, T6, Caddy and many more. Convert your VW Bulli, VW T5, VW T6, VW Caddy or your car from another manufacturer with a camping box into a camper in no time at all. And quickly convert your mini camper into a family car suitable for everyday use. Everything is possible with the camping boxes from Reimo.

Camping Boxes | Reimo English

REIMO camping box for Caddy, Berlingo, Kangoo, VW T5/T6, Vito, Caddy Maxi, Multivan Reimo has a large supply of camping boxes such as the Reimo Campingbox L-CM for VW T6 Multivan or California Beach. The Reimo Campingbox M for Caddy, Berlingo, Kangoo, Peugeot Traveller, Peugeot Partner, Citroën Spacetourer, Mercedes Benz Citan, Toyota Proace and Nissan NV 200.

Best Cargo Roof Boxes (2021) for Camping and Storage

Most cargo boxes are made with plastic, which is another reason why the Skybox stood out to us. It's made of 80% recycled Carbonite material, meaning it's environmentally-friendly and also very lightweight. This box is fully waterproof making it great for a ski vacation or camping on a rainy day.

15 Best Camper Vans of 2021 for the Adventurous - Van Clan

Each van is unique and so, therefore is the price. Their cheapest conversions can start at $25k, but for a fully pimped out camper, you're looking at $125k+. 10. Sportsmobile Classic . At number ten on our list of the best camper vans, we have The Sportsmobile Classic 4×4, a true off-road vehicle that will take you wherever you want to go.

Freeway Camper Kit | Campervan Kit For Minivans | …

Please check contact page for actual lead time! The unique campervan kit system that has the lowest operation cost in the industry With our reasonably priced campervan conversion systems, you can get the best of both worlds : a fuel efficient vehicle that will not break the bank and a comfortable camper kit that can be easily removed within a couple of minutes!

Camping-Boxes.com Camp kitchens and so much more.

Double Classic Chuck Box. Double Door Classic Chuck BoxThis is a classic chuck box, designed to keep all your camp cooking gea.. $279.45. Add to Cart.

Campal Campervan Conversion Kits

Please contact us for more information. Precision cut and hand-made self-contained, removable, multifunctional conversion kit for two persons. Campal split will give you the flexibility of a setting up a standard double or single bed. Lightweight, tough, birch natural colour plywood with …

23 Best Chuck Box | Camperism

08-02-2018· Remember a chuck box is not a camping necessity but it greatly helps make your kitchen work while out camping much easier. Conclusion. Having a kitchen that is well organized and neat is a great way to have a nice camping escapade. When you go camping you will not be having the joy of kitchen amenities like you always have in your home setting.

Van Life: Convert to a Camper with This Kit | Designs ...

13-04-2015· The max weight for the largest box is 26.5 pounds. The modules are ideally suited for vans with integrated floor rails, and include mounting hardware. A beer tap Buddy and speaker Buddy may be coming in the future, along with package deals when purchasing multiple units. Suddenly, you're a whole lot closer to your dream camper conversion.

Minivan Camping: How to turn your Minivan into an RV

04-09-2011· They've slept in their van quite a few times over the last year or so when tent camping was a bad option due to weather and other circumstances. Minivan Camping with Two Kids and Two Adults. Whether you're camping out and the weather's bad or you're on a long road trip and need a nap. Here's What You'll Need to Set up Your Van for ...

Campers Toolboxes | Aluminium Camper Trailer Storage …

Camper trailer storage boxes. We understand the value of your belongings and that's why we sell an impressive selection of camper trailer storage boxes. ezToolbox is a leading supplier of high quality ute and 4x4 accessories that are designed to make life easier while on the road. Whether you're heading down the coast with the family or exploring the bush on your own, know that a camping ...

Modular Buddy Box furniture makes your van all kinds of ...

28-03-2015· BuddyBox modules are similar in spirit to camper-in-a-box conversions like the SwissRoomBox, kits, Yatoo and QUQUQ, as well as modular camping systems used by van converters like Terra Camper.

13 Cool Camper-Van Conversions You Can (Probably) …

11-01-2021· Starting with a long-wheelbase (159-inch) Ram ProMaster van, Off Grid Adventure Vans will build you a camper in one of three layouts: Rambler, Summit, …

FLIP Camping Box

FLIP becomes a part of your car. integration is one of the main advantages of FLIP. We take time to develop it separately for each specific car model! This way, we ensure maximum space utilisation. With a perfect fit, the box is safe and silent in your car.

The QUQUQ Camping Box | South Coast Camper Conversions

The QUQUQ Camping Box | South Coast Camper Conversions. The QUQUQ Camping Box is thoughtfully designed and absolutely practical: The folding bed includes a 10 cm strong cold mattress. The pull out kitchen can be supplied with a 2-flame stove, a 20l tank for freshwater, sink, workspace and storage space.

Motorhome Roof Boxes - Camping Equipment

Additional storage and luggage space for your motorhome. Whether you want to carry beach gear, awning panels, folding furniture or even a kayak, Camperlands stock roof racks and back boxes to equip your motorhome for just that. The Fiamma Roof Rail system prvide secure storage for bulky items while the Ultra-box range goes from small to extra large and keeps your gear safe and dry with ...

SIPRAS - Flip camping box, Van into camper conversions ...

SIPRAS – since 1997! Sipras is a small family-owned company which stands by your side in the industry of motorhomes for more than 20 years. We offer high-quality conversions of vans into campers (Conversions), innovatively designed camping boxes for cars (), authorized service for heating system in motorhomes and make your individual wishes come true.

8 Best Campervan Fridges For Your Next Conversion

Next on our list of the best campervan fridges is the Dometic Waeco CD-30 Drawer Fridge, a great option micro campers. This innovative drawer design measures 44 x 25 x73cm and, if you're struggling for space, the cooling unit can be fitted up to 1.5m away from …


swissRoomBox®. swissRoomBox is stopping its commercial activity. Since it stopped its commercial activity in november 2017, SwissRoomBox represents eight years of an extraordinary adventure full of challenge and satisfaction. A « storystelling » on YouTube with more than four million views…. And that is thanks to your enthousiasm that ...

5 Ingenious European Camper In A Box Designs

18-05-2015· A lot can be done with a basic van to make it a full-time camper. One way to do it is by installing an all-in-one camping box that includes space for a bed, a basic outdoor kitchen and storage space for gear and bedding.. These compact modules are lightweight and can easily slide in and out of the van.

8 incredible minivan campers you have to see - The …

08-05-2020· A minivan camper makes for the perfect stealth camping vehicle: spacious enough to fit a decent size bed, and so inconspicuous, no one will suspect someone is sleeping in it.. Minivans drive like cars and don't require a special license, but they have the perk of having lots of space in the back.

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